Solutions for businesses

Yesterday a dream, today a thriving business, tomorrow a legacy…
When you’re building and running a business, the thought of selling it or passing it on to a third party doesn't usually come to mind.  However, that day will eventually arrive and, for all businesses, the earlier you plan for it the more successful the transfer will be.

A well-structured succession plan ensures that your wishes will be carried out if you should die suddenly or can no longer run your business due to illness or injury.  It can also help you ease into retirement or provide a retirement income.

Whether you look to your business to provide you with a retirement income, dream of one day passing the business on to your children, or plan on selling it to a third party, we can provide you and your professional advisors with the appropriate tools to develop the right plan that will meet your specific needs.

We care about your success and want to provide you with the knowledge, expertise and support that will help you meet your financial security needs. You have access to our associated tax and succession planning team and private wealth management specialists to work in collaboration with your existing professional advisors.  This partnership will be critical in developing your succession plan and will ensure the development of winning strategies to meet your changing needs.

We are determined to meet and
even exceed your  expectations

Business succession planning involves a variety of business and personal issues that must all be considered together.  Every business succession plan is unique; therefore, it’s important to develop your business succession plan in consultation with your legal and tax advisors and accountants.  We are determined to meet and even exceed your expectations by working in collaboration with them to help you create a plan that meets your business and personal goals and dreams.

Thinking ahead…
You have put a lot of work into building your business. Now take the appropriate steps to ensure that it continues to prosper and to provide your family with a source of livelihood for years to come. 

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