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Your client has a solid relationship with you and relies on you for professional advice.  We are experienced in dealing with estate planning and propose to work together with you in order to find the most effective solution for your client. 

Our vision of estate planning: a multidisciplinary approach

In today’s world (non-traditional families, changing lifestyle, people living longer, etc.), tax and estate planning involve an even greater number of aspects such as retirement, business succession, disability, planned donations to charitable organizations, etc.

We feel that the key to successful tax and estate planing is a true commitment to the team work among various professional advisors.  Each professional should recognize that every team member is vital to the success of the project.

The planning team should include the following professionals:

    1. Financial security advisor specialized in tax and estate planning
    2. Lawyer and/or notary
    3. Accountant
    4. Tax advisor

You build the structure, we provide you with the products you need

Legal documents are not enough. Even documents that have been drafted following extensive consultations and that are tailored specifically to a particular client are not enough. Document are like a high-performance automobile without fuel - it is essencential that the structure you have put together for your client be combined with the appropriate financial products. We can provide you with the necessary fuel (suitable products) to ensure that appropriate financial assets are effectively allocated and funded.

Each member of the multidisciplinary team provides credibility to the other members. If there is disagreement among the professionals on a specific strategy or its implementation, it can be discussed and worked out between them as a team. In this way, the client is served with unanimous agreement.

Mutual respect and well-defined protocols will characterize our multidisciplinary approach and contribute to the success of the tax and estate planning for your client. Since each member of the planning team focuses on the needs of the client, the process will run more smoothly, the client will be more comfortable and the practices of all the professionals involved will prosper.

We hope to have the chance to work together with you!

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