Psychiatric residents and early career psychiatrists
Start right with an appropriate insurance product compatible with Professional Corporations

You have an exciting career ahead of you, but did you consider how you’ll manage if things don’t go as planned?  Will your financial goals be affected if an accident or illness left you disabled?  Plan for the unplanned with ‘’Start Right” program for psychiatric residents and early career psychiatrists. 

Contact us for more for personalized advice about this program giving you access to tailored products for your profession which are also compatible with professional corporations.  They are guaranteed and portable worldwide.  In addition, a return of premium option is available and may reduce substantially the cost of your protection. 

Contact us for a quote and note all the benefits of getting started on your insurance plans in your early career.

Special note to students/residents : Seminar available upon request

At Diane A. Gagné Financial Services, we remain committed to your association.  At each year, we bring financial knowledge to psychiatrists through our seminars held nationwide.  Upon request, we offer you and your colleagues a seminar on disability insurance tailored for psychiatrists.

Additional discounts may be available if many students apply at the same time.  Contact us for more information about our seminars.

Disability Insurance & the Psychiatric Resident

  • What you should know
    Prepared by the Members-in-Training Executive of the Canadian Psychiatric Association

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